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Having professional music education and extensive performance experiences, I dedicate myself as a professional pianist and piano teacher. I have had many years of teaching experience working with students of all levels and ages, and I am always passionate to develop my students' talent in the best way and help them to achieve their music dream.

I believe the fine education will influence students in their lifetime studying. Developing a solid music learning foundation, and leading student to have the tool to become an independent learner are the main parts of my teaching philosophy. In my piano lessons, students are inspired to enjoy their playing and encouraged to pursue excellence in every area of their piano studies. With carefully selected methods and repertoires, students will understand the core of their study beyond the assignments. It is important for my students to be able to read music correctly, listen to music analytically, and approach new music independently.

It is also very important for me to recognize the individual interests and goals. My goal is to provide effective ways to guide students finding their best potential and achieve their goals. I believe every student is unique. Not everyone wants to be a professional pianist, but everyone wants to learn and benefit from his or her music study; not everyone is looking for future celebrity as a concert pianist, but as a teacher, I regard each of my students as an individual star. As long as I recognize what his or her goal is, I create both short term and long term teaching plans; and these plans will be reflected in each lesson.

I persist in having a well-prepared teaching plan for each lesson and work to cover all the necessary learning aspects, which include fundamental piano technique training, theory study, sight-reading skill, ensemble music, and ear-training. In addition, some students may also be interested in jazz music, accompaniment, harmonization, or other skills and genres. All teaching contents are tailored to each individual’s need and interest.

It is necessary to let students feel learning music is engaging, fulfilling, and fun. The tools they learn from my lessons will enable them to play piano easily. I hope students enjoy the moment when they share music with their friends and families.

I consider myself a very sincere music educator. It is my responsibility to teach my students not only to play piano, but also to assist them to explore and enhance other life skills through their music study. Such skills can be incorporated in all aspects of our lives.

Collaboration-- When we play a duet or chamber music, we work with our partners as a team.

Patience -- Daily practice obviously costs tremendous time and persistence.

Confidence -- Great performance is based on great self-assurance.

Problem solving/Decision-making -- When student practice by themselves, they need to think independently and to find a way of solving the problem on their own.

Self-expression -- Students express themselves freely during their performances.

Time management -- Everybody needs to find a way to fit daily practice time into their busy schedule. Especially for adult students, what are the effective ways of practicing? Best management of practice time is a skill that can be taught.

Judgment -- Students learn to establish their own interpretation in order to evaluate any music they hear, including their own playing.

Concentration -- There is nothing better than good focus to get the most effective practice result.

Memorization- One of the biggest challenges for many young pianists. However, this skill can be taught systematically.

I am always open to listening to my students’ thoughts and discerning their understanding. It is always important for me to adjust my teaching methods and curriculum according to their learning pace, while updating and improving my pedagogical concepts consistently. To be a role model, I always challenge myself to rethink critically and keep myself studying intensively as well.

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